Women in the media workshop – Highbury Grove School

advert montageToday I’m running a workshop at Highbury Grove School, London on women in the media. This is obviously a broad topic and a lot to cover but in the end I decided to focus on advertising. The aim is to leave these young women of an understanding of how the advertising industry works. How it feeds on our aspirations and insecurities and uses them to make us buy stuff.

Although humans will always aspire to be better than they are. We can temper our expectations and understand what impact the beauty industry has on our self perception.

I’m also going to be looking at how magazines place adverts next to articles exploring these ‘issues’. I want to teach them a healthy cynicism about advertising. We’ll also look at photoshop using this video:

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  1. Hello!
    I used that video in my presentation about women in the video! Brings me back to the day when I was in school!

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