Empowering you to create a feminist economy

Hi, I'm Polly.

I build campaigns and communications strategies and undertake research to change the system that causes inequality, especially in our economy.

I use a feminist and intersectional economics approach. This means centring social and economic justice for women, trans women and non-binary people, LGBTQI+, disabled and neurodiverse people, people of colour, migrant refugee and asylum-seeking people, people in the global south and working-class people.

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Why is this important?

For too long our economy has only served to make profit for big business and the finance industry, but it doesn’t have to be like that. We can create an economy that works for people and planet. An economy that lifts people out of poverty and oppression, that supports people who do unpaid care work and builds a sustainable future for us all.

Find out more about feminist and intersectional economics here.


I am an experienced media spokesperson on feminism and intersectional economics. I have appeared on The Today Programme, BBC News, Women’s Hour, the Independent and the Guardian.


I make videos, run workshops, develop campaigns and communications strategies, undertake research and write articles to help reduce inequality – particularly in our economy.


I work with government, non-profits, schools and universities to help create a fairer and more just economy.

Work with me

I work with local and national governments, non-profits, schools, universities and businesses to help create a fairer and more just economy. If you would like to work with me, then get in contact.

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